Freedom Classic

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Playing in an all star basketball game is a great opportunity for any high school athlete, but even more so for players like Franklin County's Deshaun Winfield. See it's late in the recruiting season and Winfield doesn't know where he's going to continue his basketball career. Saturday's Freedom Classic is the perfect opportunity for him to showcase his skills for college coaches.
Cas Gant
East/Bozeman Coach

¶ This kid gets the chance to show his ability, show what he's all about, show his heart, show every core of who he is on the floor and that's special.
Deshaun Winfield
East/Franklin Guard/Forward
¶ Yea it's a chance for me to put my stock on you know try to get my numbers up or whatever. Try to show coaches I can play ball, not try to do too much, over do it.
Playing in such a remote area of the state, Winfield has been overlooked throughout his entire career, but the 6-foot-4 guard busted out, scoring 22-points in the state semi finals against Arlington Country Day, still college coaches are skeptical.
Some coaches don't think I can shoot because I'm in the post. I'm one of the tallest players, but I've been working on my jump shot a lot this summer.
The coaches who saw Winfield up close and personal this season beg to differ with the skepticism.
He's a guy that consistently night in and night out can score,he can rebound, you know he can get steals on the floor. His athletic ability is just tremendous.
An ability that many think will translate into the college game.

Deshaun took his A-C-T's on Saturday and hopes his score is high enough to qualify to play Division-1 ball. If not he'll likely be playing JUCO ball somewhere close to home.

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