45th Annual SnapperBowl Kicks off in Panama City Beach

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Panama City Beach, FL --- While many think of the NFL when it comes to football on Thanksgiving, Thursday's festivities don't end there.

Right here in Panama City, the 45th annual SnapperBowl youth football tournament officially started.

It's a time honored classic that's long held it's routes in Panama City.

The first game ever played in the tournament's history dates back to 1967 at Tommy Oliver Stadium. It featured the Oakland Terrace Gators and the St. Thomas Moore Eagles out of Baton Rouge, Louisianna.

It's safe to say the Snapper Bowl has evolved a bit since then.

Now, 58 teams from all over the United States have descended uponPete Edwards Field, Frank Brown Park, and the Gavlak Sports Complex to play in a double elimination style format.until only one team remains in each age group on Saturday.