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The deal is done, Greg Heiar has finalized and signed his contract with Southern Miss Thursday, ending his five year tenure as the men's head basketball coach at Chipola. Shortly after he signed his new deal, he spoke with us about this decision!

Greg Heiar
Leaving Chipola

"I look forward to the opportunity that's presented in front of me. I'm thankful the opportunity that Dr. Prough gave me as a 27 year old. I look forward to continuing my coaching career at the next level. The number one key decision was obviously my goal is to be a division one head coach and I felt like after talking to a bunch of people I felt like making a move to a division one assistant coach was probably the thing to do to ultimately have that dream come true."

Heiar says even though the opportunity for him to advance is a great one, this was an extremely tough decision to make and it caused him quite a bit of stress.
Only because he loved his job at Chipola and the people he worked for and with!


"They've been very supportive, very supportive. They know that deep down, truly in my heart I love this place, I've worked extremely hard for Chipola College and Dr. Prough, for the administration and the community the fans to make this a very succ
program. And they have been nothing but supportive throughout the whole process. I can't thank them enough for the opp that they gave me and I'm just looking forward to the future."

Greg says he would favor assistant Jake Headrick succeeding him in the job, but knows that's not his call.
He says he is confident Chipola will do a thorough search and find the best coach for the job!

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