Is Pitting a Private School Against a Public School in Athletics an Unfair Game?

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For the second straight year, Blountstown High School's undefeated football team lost to Trinity Catholic High School in the state playoffs.

Trinity is a private school out of Ocala.

However, some people say pitting a public school against a private school isn't fair.

Many private schools recruit players from a larger area. They target standout athletes as far back as elementary school. They can also cap off enrollment, an option public schools don't have.

Blountstown Head Football Coach Greg Jordan says the match-up creates an uneven playing field. "In the last two years we went undefeated and finished 12 and 1 the last two years. That's 24 and two and lost 43 to 0 and 50 to 7 to Ocala, a combined score of about 93 to 7 for those two years and something's just not right there," he said.

Coach Jordan also says he's contacted State Legislator Marti Coley about the issue. Plus, school superintendents from around the state are planning to meet on the issue in the near future.