Standup Paddleboarding

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You've probably heard about the newest craze to hit the water - maybe in a national magazine, or even seen people do it here at our local beaches.

It's called stand up paddle boarding"... And it's catching on, take a look.

You could say it's becoming something of a social epidemic. Catching waves like this... Is catching on.

Mr. Surfs Surf Shop Owner, Tony Johnson said, "You can be a little kid and do it and you can be 90 years old and 100 plus and do it"

If you Google 'Paddleboarding', you’ll get nearly a hundred thousand results. Check it out on youtube, and you’ll get hundreds of videos; probably because it's more than just a paddle and a board.

"People are rigging them up to fishing, it can be a sail board, they're so versatile, and you can surf on them. They offer so much more too so many more clients," said Johnson.

The sport is catching on nationally but also locally - being as the gulf and our lagoons serving the *perfect* host.

"The Gulf Coast is a perfect set up for it; the waves aren't always big here..."

Regardless of your athletic ability, Johnson says it's worth a try. Even if you're just looking to take the scenic route.

"Anything eco-sports, anything on the water, because Panama City Beach and our scenery is beautiful, the water is beautiful, it's just going to blow up."

Tony and his wife own Mr. Surfs on Thomas Drive. If you want to catch a lesson or talk to Tony more about the sport check out theMr. Surfs Website.

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