Huge Whitetail Taken in Washington County

When Washington County farmer Philip Adkison went out for an afternoon hunt Jan. 19, little did he know he would make news throughout the state.

Just before sundown, Adkison downed a typical 11-point buck that measured 154-7/8 Boone and Crockett inches. It is the largest deer measurers for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Florida Buck Registry have seen this season.

Adkison’s deer ranks number 10 on the all-time list for highest-scoring deer ever taken in Florida.

Adkison is convinced he saw the 205-pound deer, crossing open fields but never closer than 500-600 yards, during both of the two previous hunting seasons.

He grew up hunting at his father’s side, mostly running deer dogs, and hoped he could get his father in position for a shot at the deer, but things didn’t work out. His father died earlier this year.

On Jan. 19, Adkison said, he climbed into a shooting house overlooking a green patch on the family farm. He remembers the wind had calmed and how quiet it was.

“Two does and a yearling came out and started feeding, but they started getting ‘antsy’ and left. It was about the same time I could hear something out in the woods, like a deer raking trees with his antlers,” he said.

Adkison used a grunt tube, and before long, the buck stepped out. His shot was on the mark.

Word has spread far and wide about his deer. He said people he doesn’t know have been calling, asking questions and wanting to hear the story. Several taxidermists have called, offering to do the taxidermy job for free.

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