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Big swings, tight swings, keeping your legs straight, toes pointed and sticking the landing. Sounds easy enough, but that's what it takes to be successful on the rings. Nine-year-old Jared Williams managed to do all the those things at the state championships in Orlando and now has a gold medal to show for it.

"I was kind of worried if I was going to make it or not and I was glad I got state championship on rings."

Jared scored a 9.0 at the state championships, a personal best for this third grader at Beach Elementary.

"I think it was something I did for a while and that it felt really good, and I thought that I would probably get first or second."

His Coach also realizes how much work went into to winning the Level 4 title.

"Going down there and winning the gold medal was just icing on the cake, you know. The main thing was just that Jared was able to get in there and focus and make his personal corrections and go out there and make his personal best routine at the state championships, and he did that."

With as much fun as the boys at Gallagher's were having and the success of gymnasts like Jared, the growth of boys’ gymnastics seems to be in good hands.

"I'm really trying to get boys’ gymnastics to be as big as those other sports; soccer, football, basketball and baseball are really popular around here, and I'm really hoping that we can get boys gymnastics to also be a favorite.

Three other gymnasts from Gallagher's; Alex Krebbs, Seth Murphy, and Heath Holmes; also competed at the state championships.