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Lady Indians guard Latoya Brown signed a D-1 scholarship with Fresno State. This kind of signing is now common at Chipola, given the success the program's reached with 3 straight state championships. Coach Lane admits these events can be bittersweet.

"We're gonna miss them, we're gonna miss them all. When they leave it's a very tough goodbye for me. They probably are ready to go, but I'm not necessarily ready to let them go."

"Not only do these signings cap off a great season for both the men's and women's programs here at Chipola, but it also helps out in terms of the future. More big time recruits may be inclined to come to Chipola when they see that you can move on to play at the next level."

"Obviously it's nice to be able to tell recruits, as we bring them in, that you're going to have an opportunity here at Chipola, not only to compete for a national championship as a team goal, but then obviously as an individual goal, to go on to the next level."

Life on the juco level means basically turning half the roster over every year. That certainly makes it tough, and forces the coaches to constantly be on the recruiting trail, which lane is these days. However, he feels good about simply filling some holes around what should be a good group of players returning.

"We've got a pretty good nucleus coming back, we've got four guards who played a lot of minutes, a lot of minutes in the state tournament, a lot of minutes in the national tournament, they all started at some point in time throughout the year, recruits to fill the holes."