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Bob Tebow doesn't live his life in the spotlight, but his son play on the field and his efforts off it have made his last name pretty famous...but that notoriety hasn't changed the family ministry.

Bob Tebow said, "We were doing this ministry before he was born. We were living in the Philippines. It's just made more people aware of what we're doing."

Tebow says his son goes with him to the Philippines sometimes, but right now he has another job.

"He's a student at the University of Florida and a good football player,” added Tebow.

Tim's bruising style of play not only hurts others but himself also.

Sometimes dad wouldn't mind him running out of bounds.

"I've told him run out of bounds and he does, but it depends on the play whether he has to get a first down but I don't think you'll see him slide much."

Versus Kentucky Tebow couldn't slide, and suffered a major concussion, but his dad say he wasn't scared.

"Take shot when you play quarterback in the SEC. You had millions of people praying for him then, and still do now."

Tebow's dad says they pray for him because of how he carries himself.

"He's so far beyond; he's done so much more than I would have thought. He does it all the time, I mean his influence is nation wide. There are people all over the country that use him as a role model for their boys."

Bob Tebow was speaking at the pointman mens ministry at First Baptist church last Thursday night.

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