The Miracle League: Field of Dreams

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Baseball is America’s past time, but for these special needs children it’s a game they couldn't play.

Kathy Brumley said, "He has never been able to play any kind of sports, and now all he says is when are we going to play next time?"

Kathy's son Dillon has never played any sports, but now they have the miracle league field... And it's a true field of dreams.

"When a league like this opens up, it gives them the opportunity to show their thing just like all the other children, and feel a part, and feel just like anyone else in the world," Brumley said.

55 athletes are playing in the first year of the Emerald Coast Miracle League.

The field is padded, and the stadium is just the right size...but that's not the only thing that makes it special.

Fran Coyne, whose son plays, said "Often don't fit in with the typical children and it provides a way that we can play ball too."

With every swing, and score....they are finally playing just like everyone else.

Brumley added, "We've got children that first started would even speak not one word, now there laughing and cutting up. We've got one girl that's in a wheel chair, and week before last she got up and walked with her walker for the first time and went around the bases."

Volunteers called buddies help the players play the game, and these athletes are helping them too.

Volunteer, Beth Bailey, said "It makes them feel very fortunate. It makes them feel very blessed, and it makes them just appreciate the uniqueness of each individual, and the talent that each individual has."

The league only has two teams...the marlins...and the rays...and on this field you not only cheer for your teammate you also cheer for your opponent.

You won't find a scoreboard or umpires because it's not about wins and losses here

Mother, Cindy Bryant, said "Everybody's a winner. That's what this teaches them that they're all winners, and nobody's a loser."

After the last game of the season everyone gets a medal for a season well played.

This is how the game should be played...because a scoreless ball game everyone is a winner.
The miracle league will start play again in the spring.

For more information about the league you can contact Frank Brown Park at (850) 233-5045.

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