Tuesday night at 10:00, we told you the Lady Indians Softball Team was hours away from their debut at nationals. Actually, that's accurate Wednesday night. The Lady Indians will take on Crowder out of Missouri in a 10:00AM game in Plant City on Thursday. The Lady Indians head into play as the top seed.

As for the Chipola Baseball squad, it still has a few days of home workouts before it heads to Colorado next week for it's national tourney.

"We'll fly out of here on Wednesday and hopefully be out there Wednesday afternoon or Wednesday night. And [then] get ready to play first thing on Saturday morning. We got the opening day game; they say normally on opening game day, there are 10 to 15,000 in the stands. So we're excited about this. This is also the 50th anniversary of the Juco World Series being held in Grand Junction, so I’m sure there will be a lot of exciting things going on. You know I've had a lot of people that have been there, a lot of coaches and administrators that have called me in the last couple days to say what a great atmosphere, what a great event it is, and we're excited and ready to get out there and get our chance to be in it."

This is the second trip to nationals for Chipola, the first coming back in 1983.