Chipola-State Titles

Four sports, four state titles, nobody on the Juco level has ever done in that in Florida before, that is until Chipola did it this year.

"It does take a total focus, it does take a lot of planning, but more than that, it takes good people, it comes down to people. You have great community support from them, you know, it does take money, it takes money to spend, but it also brings in to the community."

It also takes great coaches.

"Several of our coaches here had great offers and have turned them down so far. We don't think we can keep them forever, but we just try and keep them as long as we can and we just appreciate what they do and their job. Most people have no idea of what a coach goes through, it's a 24 hour a day job, 365 days a year, they are a mentor, a parent, a prosecutor, a defense attorney, a judge, everything you can think of their it."

“I'm very honored to be in the same story or history with these guys. I mean Coach Lane has three state titles, Greg has two and Coach Lane, he's just an amazing coach and I'm glad I could be part of this history making at Chipola."

All four of these coaches credit each other for helping themselves and their teams become state champs.

"We all work hard and we all see each other working hard and we believe in each others sports and what we do. I think that's the formula for success is hard work and you got to believe in each other and push each other and you gotta’ get along with each other."

These coaches also realize how important it is to have support from the top.

"Our president and our athletic director are out there at every game, our booster club people are down there. Not many places can say that and if you want to know why Chipola's as special as it is and does the job they do and why they won four state championships, all that in a nutshell I guess."

"They're doing all these things for the academic part of it too and we're successful there, as well as the athletic part of it. You know like we talked about, it's kind of the Chipola way, if you're gonna’ do something, regardless of what it is, go out and try to do the best you can at it and try to beat everybody."

Remember, the softball and baseball teams will still play for the national titles. We’ll have more on that next week.