SEC Showdown

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It was a year in the making. Alabama and Florida the rematch, and this time between two unbeaten teams.

Alabama seeking revenge, and Florida seeking history.

Alabama was the team to find victory with a final score of 32-13.

Alabama won the battle of offenses out gaining the vaunted Florida Offense 490 to 335 in total yards.

They also won the battle of the defenses, holding Florida under 100 yards rushing and getting the only turnover of the game, an interception of Tim Tebow, only his fifth of the year.

Alabama earned its 22nd SEC championship, more than any other school.

Now the Alabama faithful are looking for lucky number 13, as in national titles.

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban said, “Alot in life comes down to expectations sometimes and we didn't come here looking for a moral victory."

Alabama Quarterback Greg McElroy said, "If you could write a page in history what would you want it to say. We wrote our page tonight and I think that's just a tribute to the teams that have come before us. There's alot of pride in playing at Alabama, and I know I sure am proud to play here."

Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow added, "This is not how we wanted to finish our season in the SEC. There were alot of goals, and goals we won't be able to accomplish but it was frustrating to say it wasn't would be a lie. But we've still got to regroup and go have a good bowl game and that's what our focus will be."