Alabama Football

The University of Alabama is currently looking ahead to the BCS national championship game about two weeks away. The players are rightfully excited about the chance t be National Champions are enjoying the experience, hard to tell if their coach is having much fun with all the hype.

Saban was asked "...And I asked a couple of the guys has it really sunk in yet that you're going to California to play in the national championship. Have you taken any time or had any time to reflect on the tremendous accomplishment....

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban replied, “No I really have already said I'm not worried about winning a national championship and I don't want our players to worry about it either. And I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't ask them, although I know you will. Because what I want our players to focus on is playing their best football. And assume that they're gonna play the best football team they ever played, and they're gonna be playing against the best player they've ever played against. And that's what they should be working to do, that's what they should be focused on. So what you're talking about is clutter, and I would rather them not be worried about that."

He might not say it but surely he wants to win a second National title. The Tide will face Texas in the title game January 7th.

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