BCS Championship

The final pre-game press conference taking place today in Pasadena, just the head coaches talking, heres some of what coach Saban had to say.

"You know at this point you want to focus on execution you want to make things simple for the players. Its a little like being in the batters box before you gotta go up to the plate, two out in the bottom of the 9th. and you gotta get a hit to win the game, what do you do? You go through the routine that you always do, which is what were trying to accomplish with our players in terms of how we practiced yesterday, how we walked through today, the things that well do leading up to the game."

Its been 32 days since these two last played....Each of these teams gunning for a second BCS title, the Tides previous BCS championship comin gin 92, Texas won it in oh-5.