NATS Combine

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High school football players hoping to impress college coaches used to have to travel around the southeast to find a combine to test their skill level. On July 14th, the National Athletic Testing System is making a stop in Panama City Beach, allowing area kids a chance to make an impression on college coaches across the nation.

"We're open to anybody in 9th through 12th that wants to come and this offers an opportunity for kids, especially as your freshman and sophomore to come in and display their talents and their stats are going to be available to every coach in the country."

Not only does NATS test for speed and strength, it puts all the stats online so any coach can look at it. What sets it apart from other combines is the fact that it also provides schools with a student’s academic information.

"We measure the 40 yard dash the same way they do in Atlanta, the difference is the aspect of the academics that go along with it, the ACT/SAT information that goes along with it, the NATS has chosen to form a bond between coaches, athletes and parents to assist in getting these kids in college."

Even though this is a one day event, the combine will continue to be held in the area for years to come.

"We've already received commitment from NATS that this is not a one time event, since we've been willing to partner with them and basically put on the third combine that they were looking for in the state that they've committed that this is gonna be a recurring event."

The cost to attend the NATS is $55 per person. For more information you can call Mike Walker at 624-1047 or you can log on to the website: