High School Weight-Lifting

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Ten Mosley girls from the weightlifting team are on their way to New Port Richey for state weightlifting finals tomorrow.

The team could be competing for a top three finish because because of a new work ethic and team chemistry.

These ladies are ready to lift some weights and possibly bring back some medals to Bay County.

Coach Thomas Rhea said, "We feel pretty good, we've got 4 girls placed in the the top 6 with one being first place, and two others being 4th place. So, this is definitely one of the best teams Bay County has produced in the last six or seven years that this sport has been out."

Besides its 4 top competitors, Mosley has 6 others that have qualified for the state finals, and the large number of girls competing could make the difference between just showing up, or taking home some hardware.

Rhea says, "You've gotta have those other girls because 1 or 2 points could make the difference between 2nd or 3rd place... if Mosley can go down there and take a top three finish it's going to be a really big thing in this area.

Lifting weights takes athleticism and discipline, to get the most out of yourself you have to work hard year round, and that's something coach Rhea says his team has bought into this season.

"Most of the teams that are pretty good, from your central Florida areas they're going to train year round, so I've told my girls that if they want to be good, and compete against those other teams they've got to train year round," added Rhea.

When all the weights are racked, and the season is over, Coach says no matter how they finish this season it was really about his team enjoying the sport.

Rhea said, "They've got to have fun. As you saw those girls in there are having fun, they're laughing. Without that there's nothing they can really do."

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