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The Gulf Coast Lady Commodores are heading into the state playoffs as Florida's number one ranked JUCO team.

They've only lost one game this season, and much of their success can be credited to the play of twin sisters Andrea and Andrell Smith. The twins use their unique relationship to excel on the court.

If you just look at the Smith sisters it could take you a while to tell them apart.

GC Women's Head Coach Roonie Scovel said, "It took me about a year, maybe a couple months into this season, and I figured them out, a little bit different look."

So what is different? Older sister Andrea wears #21, while Andrell wears #12, but the real difference is that they are best at different ends of the floor.

Andrea Smith said, "Her defense, her defense, in your face defense. If I could play defense like that I would want to play like her."

Andrell Smith added, "I love how she's so smooth and how she brings it in the game. I love everything about her, but her defense she can get that better, but everything else I really enjoy."

They know each others game better than anyone and that has it's advantages

"She tells me the right things I want to hear, and sometimes she tells me the things I don't want to hear but coming from her I love them," added Andrea.

Andrell said, "She knows my every move, she's my right when I'm wrong, I just love playing with her."

Andrea and Andrell are both in their second year at Gulf Coast, but this is the first year they've played a full season together as Lady Commodores. Andrell tore her ACL in her freshman season, it was the first time they hadn't been on the court together in their lives.

"I couldn't wait for her to get back so we could do what we've been doing all our lives."

While Andrell rehabbed her knee, Andrea earned All-American honors, and now that Andrell is back it's like they never missed a step.

Andrell said, "She brings me energy on the court and I think I bring her that energy as well, and I just love playing with her."

The Lady Commodores are again competing for a state title, and having these two sisters back on the court together has the team in prime position to reach that goal.

Andrea was recently named panhandle conference player of the year, while Andrell earned second team all conference honors. Both sisters have signed scholarships to play for the University of South Florida next year, so they will continue their run together for the next couple of years.

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