John Daly Visits Panama City Beach

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A familiar face in the golf world paid a visit to Panama City Beach Sunday.

John Daly taking part in the Billy Pierson Memorial tournament. Daly shared his thoughts with us on Sundays tournament and how he's trying to get back on the PGA tour.

Like many people, John Daly has had to deal with a few struggles in his life on and off the golf course. Despite all that criticism, Daly says he's ready to get back on tour.

You may not even recognize the lion, because he's lost over 100 pounds.

"I feel great. I have a lot more energy. You know with the putter, I don't have anywhere to put my putter because I've lost so much weight," Daly said.

Daly, a two-time major champion, was in Panama City Beach Sunday taking part in the Billy Pierson Memorial golf tournament at the Holiday Golf Club.

Pierson was tragically killed in an accident 7 months ago Sunday. Daly and Pierson were very good friends.

"Billy passed on and its just for him, for his wife, his children, raising some money for them this year," Daly said.

"Its very heartwarming to have all the wonderful people come out who've supported him and have John Daly come out and support him," Barbara Thomas, Billy's mother said.

Despite Daly's past PGA suspensions, he says he just wants to play the game that he loves.

"The tournament directors that i know. If I'm going to get in next year, I'm going to play in those tournaments and go back to Europe next year if they don't work out," Daly said.

Over the past few years, Daly has not only been recognized by his play but his signature Loudmouth pants. Loudmouth is now a sponsor.

"I went over to Europe last year and right before i left to go to Spain he said do you want to wear the pants? I said, sure, I don't have anything else going on," Daly added.

Daly also has a new show on the Golf Channel..It's called "Being John Daly" check your local listings for the dates and times.

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