Summer Basketball

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Like most prep sports, basketball is becoming a year round kind of commitment.

Most area teams play a summer schedule. For instance, a few nights ago at Bay it was Arnold, Mosley, Rutherford, Bozeman, Bay and St. Joe all gathering to go head to head.

They do keep score, but that's not the most important thing during these summer contests.

"To have a successful season you gotta’ play during the summer. I always tell the kids it's good for chemistry. Most importantly it's good to find what you're not good at. You find out what you're not good at, and then you go work on it. It’s really important, this is probably our 35th game this summer, so it's important."

For the Sharks, who played deep into the postseason, making it to the state title game, well you wonder if the kids are a bit "basketball weary".

Coach K says that's not the case because his players really care about what they're doing!

"Our kids love basketball, so it means something. They take every game serious; they take every game like it's Lakeland. It's so serious for them. It’s important to them, it's important for the last four years and we've had a great summer, then it's translated into the season. So having success, I go back and tell them, look this is what we did during the summer, and this is why we're having success, this is why you're in Lakeland."

As the summer season wraps, some players will don the football gear for the fall. The rest will get back in the gym for official workouts in October.