Cam Greathouse double duty

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We've been talking about the Gulf Coast baseball team and their prowess at the plate this year, and in that discussion more than one player sticks out. But there is one guy on this team that does something nobody else is doing for these commodores.

Cam Greathouse is one of the two standout pitchers on the team but he's also one of the guys driving home runs.

It's not to often you get a guy going 6-1 on the mound with 87 K's, all while hitting 4-2-3 with 39RBI and 9 home runs. It's that kind of versatility that is helping his team get wins.

Gulf Coast Head Coach Mike Kandler said, "He's so talented that he can do it both ways, and again alot of that comes down to his competitiveness and He's a fierce competitor on the mound but he's the same way with the bat in his hands. He doesn't really accept failure, and usually when people don't accept failure they tend not to fail very often."

Greathouse and the team will be back in action after this Friday against Northwest Florida State at Bill Frazier field 2 o'clock.

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