Jimbo Fisher Visit

Coach Fisher the guest of honor and speaker at the annual dinner banquet hosted by the Panama City area Seminole Club.

He signed some autographs, posed for some pictures, worked from table to table to speak with local fans, then after dinner gave his speech. Before all that Mark Vaughn spoke with Jimbo about Spring ball which wrapped up last Saturday, certainly the defense on the minds of many FSU fans, so we asked him about that!

Fisher said, "...I feel good I think we got some outstanding young men there, I think we got some guys that are very smart, and catch on the ball very well. And the second half of Spring we started seeing just parts of what is capable of being done in the Fall. Starting getting the details of it, and what coach Stoops wants to do and mixing up the different looks. Like I say we're nowhere where we need to be but probably about where I thought we'd be."

Another area of concern for FSU in Spring, the rehabbed shoulder of Christian Ponder. Jimbo says Christian's progress was more than impressive coming off surgery. We'll have more on that over the weekend.

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