High School Football

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It's now officially spring to sports fans as spring football kicked off around the area. Some teams opted to start on Saturday rather than Monday.

The Rutherford rams hit the practice field for the first of day of practice in shorts. The rams practice was a little different today. It wasn't about X's on O's as they focused more on a combine style of testing.

It was new head coach Jeff Rolson's first time on the field with his new team.

Rolson said, “We just want to make sure we put our stamp on it right away. Discipline, character, doing things the right way. Caring about your teammates and coaches and vice versa. Coming together, one mission, one heartbeat."

Bay also took the field with about 45 kids expected to participate in spring ball once track is over.

They also add new defensive back coach Tay Cody to the staff. The team worked on fundamentals in the first practice, and Coach Sorrells is optimistic about the progress his team could make before the county spring jamboree on May 21st.

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