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Jeff Rolson comes to Rutherford with a winning reputation, and his new players like what they're seeing. "He has a different attitude for us," Senior Running Back K.J. Raibon said. "We seem alot more up tempo, and he's got a lot of experience. He knows what he's doing out there, so I think it's going to be a good year." Senior Defensive Back Javien Elliot added, "Coach Rolson he's a good coach. I think we're going to bring the Rams back to being like it was in the nineties."

Rutherford fans know that's a lofty goal after the Rams played in two state title games in the late nineties. Coach Rolson isn't making any predictions but he is aiming high. "Cant lower the bar," Rolson said. "You can't lower the bar for anybody. You've got to hold a high standard, and you've got to hold the kids accountable and think everybody will come to understand that."

No one expects the Rams to win a state title in his first year, but Rolson is laying the ground work for what he believes could be a successful program. "I'm seeing a bunch of guys that are willing to learn and work hard," Rolson said. "The system's different you know everything about it's different. They're buying in and working hard."

With a run heavy offense this team's success should be determined in the trenches. "We want to run the football and on defense we want to stop the run. So we want to crowd the box and be very physical," added Rolson.

Along with a hard nosed philosophy on the field Coach Rolson is calling for accountability throughout the program. "He's bringing a whole new attitude," Senior Offensive lineman Brett Moore said. "You know no talking back just straight discipline. If you talk back you've got OTI's right after practice, so it's just strict. So I think that's going to help us with our attitude and bring us together as a team."

So, after just one spring it's evident that Coach Rolson has already put his stamp on this Rutherford program.

The Ram faithful will get their first look at Coach Rolson on the sidelines during 2 quarters of football against Mosley Friday in the Spring Jamboree.

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