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Panama City Beach- Mosley alum and JUCO golf standout Zach Primavera just missed out on a National Title in Huntsville last week after the final round was rained out. Despite the disappointment of having to settle for second place, Zach is using the tournament as a spring board for bigger things this year.

Primavera said, "To not be able to play the last round and have a chance to win it kind of was a stinger, but locking up second place really wasn't that bad of a feeling."

It's his second, second place finish at the JUCO National Championship, but he doesn't have time to worry about that tournament now, because he's already preparing for a chance at a World Title in Spain in the World University Golf Championship.

"I'll be in Malaga, Spain, and there will be I think 17 countries," Primavera said. "We came in fifth last year and we're looking to improve that. It's a huge event worldwide and I'm honored to be able to wear my colors and represent the U.S.A."

After the trip to Spain, Zach doesn't have much time to rest because it's off to Oxford in August to join the Ole Miss Rebels and start his SEC golf Career. "I just want to give me the best opportunity next year, and feel like I'm ready to play. Right now I'm getting there and I'm ready to go," added Primavera. Zach should have an edge over the other newcomers to the Rebels program, because he has two years of college experience under his belt. "I thought if I went to Junior College and learned how to win I'd be in pretty good shape."

Primavera is one of the most well known young golfers in the area lately, and he considers it an honor for younger golfers to look up to him. "It's pretty neat. After the Sherman I had alot of little kids come up to me and congratulate me, and I've had people I don't even know come up to me, and it means alot to me." Primavera said. "Golf's a good sport and for the little kids out there it means alot to them. So I guess I'm somewhat of a role model and that means alot to me."

The World University Golf Championships will be played from June 7th through the 11th. For more on the games and Zach log onto their website


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