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The S-E-C Spring meetings continue on this week at the Sandestin Hilton. This time around it's Nick Saban talking to us from the podium over there. Coach Saban and his staff coming off the National Championship season. I asked Saban how long he savored winning it all, and he says it took him all of a few hours after the BCS title game to start looking ahead towards next season!

Nick Saban
Alabama Head Coach

"From that point there...on, you're looking toward the future. You know what's happening next, what you have to do to get the team that you have coming back to have the right chemistry, attitude, responsibility, accountability, discipline, whatever you want to call it, work ethic, do they best that they can do to have a quality team the next year.

One of the topics of discussion over there this week is whether or not the SEC should consider expanding any time in the near future. Commissioner Slive says for now the league will sit and watch what the Big Ten does, and perhaps react afterwards. Coach Saban was asked about that.

"Well I think the league is now better than it's ever been. I think that it was an outstanding league before. But I think from top to bottom there's probably more good coaches, more good programs more good teams than ever before. And to have one and two in the conference championship the last two years in a row, I mean that speaks something about the league."

Coach Saban went on to say though he trusts the people atop the SEC to make the right decision and if they decide to expand, he believes they'll do it the right way.

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