College Football

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier the guest speaker at a fund-raising dinner for Holy Nativity School of Panama City. Spurrier's daughter Amy works at that school, and was able to bring him east from Sandestin, where he's been all week!

"We were at the SEC meetings so I had a wonderful opportunity to come right down here, only about 45 miles from Destin. So it's an opportunity to be here and I've been to her school before, my grandchildren, Lauren, Kyle and Jake are all students there. So it was an opportunity to maybe hopefully do a little fund-raising here tonight at the Marriott. My message is pretty similar as most of the times that I've talked. I've talked about my past experiences, how fortunate I've been. I think there's gonna be 30 students here, give 'em a little motivational here and there."

As part of the fundraiser, they auctioned off this Gator helmet signed by Spurrier, Wuerffel and Tebow, the 3 U-F Heisman winners. It's one of just 25, and it went for 65 hundred bucks!

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