High School Baseball

Friday was a rather big day for a pair of Bozeman baseball players.
Travis Register and Brandon Porter becoming in fact the first two Bozeman players to sign college baseball scholarships today. Register signing with Enterprise Community College. Travis a 5 year varsity player, a pitcher who racked up 22 wins total, he was 7-3 this season with a 2-7 e-r-a and 77 k's.
Brandon Porter, another pitcher, signed with Marion Military Institute in Alabama. Brandon a two year starter, won 6 games last season with 72 k's and a 3-1 e-r-a.

Jeff Patton
Bozeman Head Coach

"It means a lot for the program, we've had a lot of success on the field, but have yet to have, we've had some good players come through here but never had a player sign a college scholarship. And to be these two young men, it's important to show around the county that we're about at the level of some of the bigger schools and that we can get kids to college too."