Candler Regatta

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St. Andrews- The St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club played host to the 73rd annual Candler Regatta. The race continued the long history of Capdeville Flying Scots sailing in the St. Andrews Bay.

12 boats raced a mile long course three times around, and they'll finish up tomorrow with two more laps. This race is one of 18 races on the year long Capdeville yacht club series that will determine the 2010 champions. The Yacht club is excited to continue this historic event in the area.

"We're very glad to host it." Yacht Club Water front director Naomi Vandenbergh said. "You only have 18 events a year and we're the seventh. It's a very historic event, so we're glad to host it. I think the people in Panama City can be very proud to host it because there's only so many clubs that can host it."

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