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Thanks to a deal with former Cup Champ Bobby Labonte, James Finch and his Phoenix Racing team are looking ahead to a pair of very big Cup races in the next couple of weeks. Finch announcing yesterday he's hired Labonte to handle the wheel of the number 9 chevy at Daytona July 3rd, and Chicago the following week. We caught up with James Thursday to talk about this relationship, and to say the least he's happy to have the former Cup champ on board, even if temporarily.

James Finch
Phoenix Racing Team owner

"Excited, you know Bobby will do a good job. Me and Bobby have been friends for 25 years, his dad, his brother we were kind of raised up together racing and he called me the other day and said he was having trouble with the team he was with. I told him we had a couple of races, so I said come on. He's going to race Daytona and Chicago for me."

As for the possibility of working out a deal with Rick Hendrick and running a team next season with Kasey Kahne in the 9 car, James says he would still like to see that happen and he's hoping to discuss it further with Hendrick late next month.

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