High School Basketball

This weekend is going to be a rather active one at the Harrison Field House on the Gulf Coast campus. Gulf Coast and Arnold
co-hosting a 12 team prep summer tournament, Freeport, Cottondale, Graceville, South Walton, Bay Rutherford, Arnold among others taking part. Each team guaranteed 8 games between Thursday and Saturday.
G.C. head coach Jay Powell says hosting this tourney, providing the venue is a good thing to do in terms of helping the prep programs, and it works for him as well...

Jay Powell
Gulf Coast Head Coach

"Selfishly for our program here at Gulf Coast, there are few times when we're gonna have 12 high school programs in the gym, with quality players. That are coached by quality coaches. So that is an advantage, I've already seen 3 or 4 guys, I've went back and jotted their name down, thinking I need to keep an eye on them next season."

The games at Gulf Coast wrap up Saturday.

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