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To say the least there's going to be a fair amount of pressure on Florida State's Christian Ponder this coming season. He is a 5th year senior who showed flashes of brilliance last season, but also played at a mediocre level.
Certainly the FSU faithful expect Christian to step it up this Fall, and so does the school itself, because at the top of the hour, midnight eastern, it's launching a Ponder for Heisman website, and today Christian was asked if that might add to the pressure on him this coming season?

Christian Ponder
FSU Sr. Quarterback

"You know if I thought this was too much I'd say something. But you know I put so much pressure on myself already that it's no big deal to me. You know many of the receivers have come up and said we're gonna win this Heisman for you which is pretty cool. Everyone's been real supportive this won't be good for just me, everyone knows it will bring a lot of attention to us all. I well know that I can't win the heisman by myself."

Jimbo Fisher says he's o-k with a site dedicated to pushing Ponder's Heisman candidacy, though he will maintain editorial authority over it. That address is cp7-for-heisman-dot-com. Again it goes up midnight eastern tuesday night.

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