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There's some good news for the fishing community, after several local tournaments have been canceled. HT3 Redfish Series will hold it's tournament here in Bay County despite the Gulf Oil Leak. Fishermen are glad to hear it.

Commercial and sports fishing in the Gulf has been hit hard by the Deep Water Horizon Oil leak so, any time anglers can get a green light to fish a tournament it's great news.

"I'm happy. We've had three tournaments get canceled since the April 20th oil spill." Louisiana Angler Dwayne Eschete said. "This is my first tournament since then, so I'm excited about it. We really don't know what the future holds, you know it might not be no more tournaments."

Eschete and local angler Fred Myers catch Redfish which can be caught in-shore, so oil hasn't stopped them from fishing, but they know how tough it's been for others.

"These guys that have not been able to come and fish, it's really hurt the economy." Bay County Angler Fred Myers said. "You don't have the motels filling up, you don't have the the people hiring people to fish, they're not buying bait. So it's really tough ."

With Gulf Water closures in other states, like Louisiana, the HT3 Redfish Series is making its first trip to Bay County because it's one of the last viable options.

Myers added, "We're just glad to have a place to host it and people to come see, and we just hope we do well and are excited about fishing."

While the oil continues to gush from the Deep Water Horizon Spill, these fishermen are keeping hope alive that one day the Gulf will be back to the way it was. "We were fortunate enough to be blessed to enjoy this, and I hope that kids in the future will be fortunate enough to enjoy what we've had, which is the sport of fishing," Eschete said.

The Redfish series will kick of on Friday morning with weigh-ins starting at 3 o'clock Friday and Saturday at Boondocks Restaurant in West Bay.

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