What's the latest regarding the future of Chiply grad and Padres first round draft pick Karsten Whitson. The team confirms it is in the midst of negotiations with Karsten and his agent, an official with the Padres says they certainly are hoping to wrap up those talks and get Karsten signed sometime in the next four weeks. That time frame is important because teams have a deadline of August 16th to have their draft picks signed.
Remember Whitson, who's not returned our phone calls to get his comments on the negotiations, has signed with the University of Florida, and though Whitson told us shortly after getting drafted he was anxious to start his pro career, that scholarship with the Gators does give him leverage in talks with the Padres. Last year, the numbers 5 through ten draftees averaged well over 2-point-5 million in signing bonuses, so that gives you an idea the kind of figures Karsten's looking at.
It's worth noting the fact the negotiatons have dragged on this long is not unusual. In fact so far, just one of the top 12 players chosen has signed. Whitson was the 9th overall selection.