College Football

Call it the potential for a rather bad headache for the University of Florida program. The school says it's internally investigating a potential rules violation that may have occurred last December involving standout center Maurkice Pouncey.
¶Pouncey, number 56 and always in the center of the video here, he's the guy snapping the ball to Tebow, is alleged to have accepted 100 thousand dollars from the rep of an agent, in between Florida's SEC championship game loss to 'bama and their Sugar Bowl win over Cincy.
Florida A.D. Jeremy Foley not releasing the source of that allegation, simply saying they were made aware of some information, which they shared with law enforcement, the NCAA and the SEC.
Foley says at this time there's no indication there's any compliance issues for the University. That means nobody's accusing U.F. coaches or officials of knowing about this payment, if it occurred. Pouncey did go into the draft a year early, taken by the Steelers in the first round.
The NCAA says it's working with Florida on this. If this payment is proven, it's likely the penalty would be making the Gators forfeit their Sugar Bowl romp over Cincinnati, since Pouncey would retroactively be ruled an inelgible player.