It is a rather big week for a local all star squad, the Panama City Lightning. The team of 16 and under ballplayers is one 175 teams taking part in this week's United States Fast Pitch "A" World Series taking part at Frank Brown Park in Panama City Beach.
So the local squad gets the luxury of playing in a huge event, but not having the trouble of travelling.
The Lightning, coached by Eloy Estrada, one of 22 teams in the 16-A class, with their first game in bracket play coming Wednesday.

Eloy Estrada
Lightning Head Coach

"It's an incredible feeling. The girls here have worked hard all Summer They started back in June so they've been for two months, getting ready. So they've been for two months going at it pretty regular on weekends."

Katie Godfrey
Lightning player

It's been amazing, we're like sisters. And when we get on the field we're talking, we're shouting it up, we're encouraging each other, if we make errors we're like get your head up, it's allright. It's just like a real big family and it's fun to play for 'em."


"It is gonna be difficult because of the caliber of teams that are here. You're talking the best teams around the country so for us to be successful we're gonna have to, like any other game hit the ball well and be solid on defense."

The Lightning 3 and oh through pool play so far, again they begin bracket play with a first round bye they are back in action tomorrow just after noon. There are 3 other local squads, one in 16-B, one in U-12 and one in U-18.

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