High School Football

To prep ball, and to say the least, the Summer months are more important than ever when it comes to success in high school sports. In the past couple of weeks we've shown you how are prep basketball and baseball teams are working hard in these dog days of Summer....certainly that's true of football as well, Arnold is a good example of that.

(Tyler Sera)

"This is my job, I go to work every day at 8 o'clock in the morning.


That's Arnold senior lineman Tyler Sera who along with about 45 of his teammates, is spending 4 days a week in the school's weight room, gym and practice field...

James Hale
Arnold Head Coach

If you're not doing it now you're gonna get behind. There's no way you can catch up, even if you have great ability and great athletes. You know you can sometimes outwork people.I've not had great talent here the last ten years ..the last ten years but we've had great work ethic"
And this is proof. the kids spend about an hour pumping iron....
No one outworks us in the weight room, no one. If you look at the state weightlifting meet the last five years that we've had, we've either finished first or second, five years in a row."
After the weights it's a short break, and into the gym for agility drills....

The first two weeks we do a lot of work in the gym, and then we gradually start work outside to do work in the heat and humidity. We got a lot of water for 'em take care of them, we don't want anybody getting killed out there in this heat."

(natsot pop)

Yeah it's very very hot out there, which begs the question, what motivates the kids to show up when there's so much else to do during the Summer.

Blake DeBoard
Arnold quarterback

¶season, trying to work harder than everybody just getting up early in the morning, putting in the hard work, hoping it will pay off."

Tyler Sera
Arnold Sr. Lineman

¶"It's tough but with the team we have this year everybody wants to come in, wants to get better we wanna show Bay County what we got. We're all determined, we all know what we can do, we just want to prove it."

"Spring football used to be the big thing, four weeks of football because you knew you had two months that you couldn't run plays or anything. Well now this allows us to kind of look at Spring a little bit differently. You can experiment more, you can do a lot more things in Spring. It's not so much a pressure on you for one month because you know you got the whole Summer to do anything you want to do as far as football practice."
All that thanks to recent rule changes by the F-H-S-A-A. So now there will be just a few weeks between Summer workouts and the start of Fall practice.

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