SEC Media Days

Hoover, AL- The SEC football talk continue in Hoover, just outside of Birmingham.

Last night we brought you some of the sound from Nick Saban and Urban Meyer, today some thoughts from some of their players as they look ahead to the start of camp and the season ahead.

Alabama R.B. Mark Ingram said, "The main thing for me is just focusing every single day on just becoming a better player for my team. doing whatever i can every single day to help my team win games and put us in a better position to championships. so my main focus is becoming a better player each and every day."

Florida Offensive Lineman Mike Pouncey said,"We have a tough task with that, we're veterans up front. we got four seniors and we played a lot of ball. and we know in our heart that Brantley can't take some of the hits that Tebow took so we got a lot on our shoulders. we went into the spring with that mindset and we're going into two a days with that same mindset, protecting Brantley because he's our whole season."

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