College Football

The ACC Football Media Days wrapping up Monday in Greensboro North Carolina. When it comes to the Seminoles, certainly a lot of attention paid to the team's senior quarterback Christian
Ponder, who has practically the entire starting unit around him returning. So naturally the expectations for Ponder and that offense rather high in Tallahassee and beyond.
Ponder says he too expects big things from himself and the offense, though they aren't anywhere close to being perfect heading into the opening of Fall practice in a couple of weeks.

Christian Ponder
FSU Quarterback

"There's always polishing that we can do. Coach Fisher's really gonna try to add the whole playbook. I mean our playbook is always changing and growing. Coach Fisher knows it and he's comfortable with us to add more plays and more things and more schemes. But we just want to make sure that we're all on the same page. You know there's always room to grow, you never reach where you want to go, there's always improvement that can be made."

Again Fall practice opens up in just a couple of weeks.

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