We start today with sportfishing and how one local angler was determined not to let the oil spill keep him from putting his new boat to use. This is video from the Contingent Sea, a boat purchased recently by Panama City attorney Clayton Syfrett.
Syfrett planned to use the new boat in the Bay Point Invitational, an event he'd fished in for some five years, but not with his own entry, on his own boat.
The tragedy in the Gulf forced the cancellation of the Bay Point tourney, so Syfrett took his boat to Key West, entered the Key West Marlin tournament, and caught and released the only blue in that event, giving him enough points for the win, and 25 thousand bucks.
Syfrett driving the boat and shooting this video, the angler in the chair is a college buddyTrace Traverse. Clayton's still vacationing in South Florida, so I spoke with him by phone today about winning this tourney.

Clayton Syfrett
Local Attorney/Angler

"It was kind of fun but when you're marlin fishing, 90 percent of it is pure luck. After you get that bite, there's some skill involved, getting that fish to the boat, making sure everybody, that they do their job. You know I felt like we had a decent shot, granted this is the first time I've ever taken this boat marlin fishing. This is the first tournament I've ever entered myself and this is the first marlin tournament that that boat has ever been in. It certainly made for a great vacation and a great story. We're already plotting our comeback for next year. (natsot) bye bye fish"

And Syfrett says he's simply going to roll over his entry fee for this year's Bay Point Invitatonal, and he and his team can't wait for next July so they can take a shot at that title.

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