College Football

On to football and more from the SEC football Media Days in Birmingham. Certainly Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy got a lot of attention up there, after all he's the q-b of the defending SEC and National Champs. Greg says being a first year starter, and not just surviving, but thriving in that position for the Tide, was a fantastic learning experience. It's left him more mature, more self confident, and erased what he called serious doubts about himself!

Greg McElroy
Alabama Quarterback

"I think last year as I was going into the season I had so many insecurities. I just wasn't sure how it was all going to pan out, I wasn't sure what to expect the first time I took the field as a starting quarterback. But this year I've done, I've seen it. I've played in the big game, I've played against solid top ten teams, I've played in raucus atmospheres. I've learned so much about myself and I've grown so much as a person not only in a maturity sense but also in an emotional sense."

McElroy and the rest of the tide open up Fall practice in a couple of weeks, their first game comes at home on the 4th against San Jose State, then they host Penn State a week later.