ACC Officially Expands to 15

New York, NY---The Atlantic Coast Conference, of which Florida State is a major player, is now officially a 15 school league.

The ACC Monday officially expanding to that number with the formal additions of Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Notre Dame.

Commissioner John Swofford and several coaches including FSU's Jimbo Fisher taking part in an expansion ceremony of sorts in the Big Apple.

Pitt and Syracuse are full members, in all sports and will begin playing league games this fall. In fact the 'noles open their football season September 2nd at Pitt.

Notre Dame is a member in every way but football, though the Irish will play five ACC football opponents a year starting in 2014.

Next year Maryland drops out, and Louisville jumps into the ACC, so the league will stay at 15.

Coach Fisher certainly seems to be a big fan of this expansion, saying this during Monday's press conference.

"This will put us in that national limelight. Like us and the SEC are the only two teams for the last 9 years that have had at least 30 players drafted. So our quality is already there. And they when you put Syracuse in it, and their great tradition, Pitt's great tradition, Notre Dame's great tradition. And Louisville who actually will be coming in the following year, who just won a BCS game, the Sugar Bowl. I mean you're talking about a league that can compete for the national championships. I think it will make us all better and prepare us for those national championships better because I think the atmosphere's that we'll play in week in and week out, will only get us for that national stage in football."

The ACC needing to beef up it's football credentials certainly. 1999 the last football national championship for the league when FSU won it, and the league just 3-13 in BCS games!