ACC Votes on Deal That Should Prevent Departures

Tallahassee, FL---It appears as if we can count on the ACC staying "as-is" for the next 14 years!

The league presidents Monday approving a "grant of media rights" for the conference through 2026-27, effectively halting the exodus of any schools to other conferences.

This so called "grant of rights" makes it nearly impossible from a financial standpoint for a school to leave, guaranteeing in the 14 years of the deal that a school's media rights, including revenue, for all home games would remain with the ACC regardless of the school's affiliation.

With other schools poaching the ACC, the league upped it's fee to leave from 14 million to about 52 million. Maryland and FSU cried foul, Maryland as we know, is heading to the Big Ten and suing to avoid that fee. FSU is on board with the new grant of rights deal.

The ACC becomes the fourth league with a grant of rights, along with the Big Ten, Pac-12 and Big 12. The SEC is the only conference among the "power five" leagues that does not have a grant of rights.