A couple of prominent names in the sport of MMA talk about the fight card set for Panama City Beach Tuesday night!

Panama City Beach, FL-- We start tonight looking ahead to a rather big sporting event set for Panama City Beach Tuesday night, a professional MMA fight card right smack dab in the middle of Spring Break. Monday we visited with the man who will referee those bouts, and a champion fighter who's here to help promote the 8 fight event at Boardwalk Beach Resort dubbed "Beware the Ides of March ".

Big John McCarthy
Officiated over 600 pro fights

"The best part of the sport of MMA coming to a place like Panama City Beach, this is an area where they may not have been exposed to a ton of MMA as far as live shows. They may have seen it on tv or pay per view, but being able to go to a live show and experience what that is like and see the fighters in action in front of a live crowd that's a different experience and it's neat for everyone to be a part of that. It's great that the show is being brought to Panama City Beach so they can experience that, especially with the Spring Break and the kids and such."

Dan "Hendu" Henderson
UFC Middle Class Champion

"Our sport has got a pretty wide demographic as far as, and it's pretty big among the young adults, which is basically what Spring Breakers are. So it's my first time, my first experience with that so we'll see how it goes."

The doors at the Boardwalk open at five, the fights begin at 6 with the Main event, Jeremy May vs. Frank Lester set to go around 9.

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