Alabama football

Up to college ball and as 'bama gets set to play at Tennessee, some Tide fans are asking what's the problem with the ground game.
In particular, Heisman winner Mark Ingram's not racking up huge numbers. Actually Ingram's been effective, 469 yards in 5 games, over 6 yards a carry with 6 td's. Still the last two games he's not been a big factor, just 60 yards rushing against Ole Miss, and no touchdowns, though the team still did get a win, and that's what's important to Ingram.

Mark Ingram
Alabama Running Back

"As long as we keep winning, that's what really matters to me. You know I haven't had the statistics that I had last year but that's a challenge. Teams are trying to stop the run, they know we like to run the ball and they're trying to make us win throwing the ball. But it's no excuses, I just have to do better."

That game in Knoxville Saturday set for 6 central.

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