Alabama preps for trip to Oxford!

Tuscaloosa, AL-- To college ball now and the next step in Alabama's progression towards the season defining showdown with LSU in three weeks. Saban and his wrecking crew hit Oxford Saturday. The Tide coach will tell you nobody in his program is even remotely thinking about LSU.
Certainly there's nobody better at keeping his players, regardless of the matchup, focused on the target just ahead of them! Heck listen to how he talks in the wake of a 31-0 win at Vandy.

Nick Saban
Alabama Head Coach

"We didn't play very well in the first half. And this is probably a pretty good example of how average you can be when you don't do things the way you need to do things. Finish tackles, finish blocks, make mental errors, don't tackle well. And most of that stuff comes from the kind of mental intensity you know that you have going into the game."

Saban did say he was happy with his team after some halftime adjustments, again they went on to win by 31. That game in Oxford set for 5 central, Tide favored by 25!

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