Alabama tunes up for the Iron Bowl with a Thursday night game against Georgia State.

Talk about good planning. Nick Saban wants his guys to get some extra rest before they host Auburn next week. so coming off the convincing win over Mississippi State, Saban's lined up a Thursday night game against Georgia State, a fledgling program that's gone 6-4 so far this year as part of the Colonial Athletic Conference.

Nick Saban
Alabama Head Coach

"I think in games like this, you want to be concerned to playing to our standard. We always have a tremendous amount of respect for the team that we are playing, that's where our focus is, that's what we're concerned about this week. We're not concerned about anything else, we're not concerned about anybody else, but the team that we play this week. And technically we need to prepare well and do the things that we need to do. I mean this team played overtime against Jacksonville State, who beat Ole Miss."

That game in Tuscaloosa Thursday night set for a 6:30 kickoff. Following that contest, Saban and the Tide will get a couple extra days to prep for Auburn, which is off this week.

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