Andrew Beasley Hoping to Flourish with the Pirates

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Panama City Beach, FL---For Andrew Beasley, his love for soccer started in a small English town called Branbury then flourished in the United States,

"I grew up playing football, started at a young age. Just growing up and playing is something you do in England. I moved here when I was 14, I went straight into high school, I went to Mosley High."

Mosley is where Andrew continued his passion for the game, playing competitively for four years.

Unfortunately, his time as a Dolphin did not end the way he was planning!

"I actually tore my ACL my Senior year. Or just after my Senior year. I tore my ACL, my MCL and my Meniscus. So I didn't go anywhere to play because of that, so I could go through therapy."

Even though it seemed like the end of the road, Andrew was optimistic it did not give up on his dream,

"A year later, my Visa runs out so I returned to England. I'm there for about 8 months and then I come back as an international student, and just to go to school, I wasn't planning on playing anywhere and it happened that that time the Pirates started up."

Almost a redeeming sign from the soccer gods who nearly ended his career prematurely.

A sign that Andrew is taking full advantage of, according to his Head Coach, Greg DeVito,

"The potential he has along with his work rate and great attitude, it could go to the professional level very easily. You know, he's got to work at it and I think he's a player that's definitely willing to do that."

Given all the obstacles Andrew has overcome, turning pro should just be another one to check off his list.

You can watch Andrew and the rest of the Panama City Beach Pirates take on Fort Myers this Saturday night at the Mike Gavlak Sports Complex.