Area Prep Football Players Take Part in FCA Team Building

Marianna, FL---Call it team building with a strong message of becoming better role models built in.

The Northwest Florida chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes is holding a series of three team building football camps in Marianna this month.

The second of those three sessions taking part this week, with area teams like Chocatw., Arnold, Graceville and Marianna all participating.

These three day camps designed to bring the teams together to dole out some football instruction, but it's so much more than that, says the FCA's Sean Aland.

"We're encouraging the kids to be all-in. Mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. And that means you've got to be doing it in the classroom, you've got to be using your mind. You've got to put it out on the field and give it all you've got. Spiritual development is just as important because team is all about dying to self. And then we talk about socially, you've got to give back to your community, give back to your campus."

Graceville Head Coach Ty Wise loved the idea of bringing his team to this camp.

"This is the best camp because these guys all come here as a team. You know a lot of camps are kind of invite, or individual pay. We have nightly meetings, and morning meetings, where we talk about God and we talk about our faith. The majority of the day is devoted to bettering ourselves as individuals on the football field."

FCA strives to see improvement in their camper's games and attitude towards life and personal responsibilities.

"If we do our job right and they get involved with the organizations that are gonna mentor them correctly, coaches are going to mentor them correctly, they can change the culture on their campus," says Aland. "Not only on the field, but in the classroom, in how they respect their teachers, how they respect their administrators. And how they respect the young ladies on campus. If we have young men treating young ladies with the proper respect they deserve, boy we've got a culture shift that's gonna totally change the face of that campus."

Arnold head coach Josh Wright knew he wanted to see his program get involved with the camp.

"I've heard about this camp for the past 15 years, since I've been in Florida and it's something I've always been intrigued about, but never had the opportunity to get organized and make it happen. We made it a priority this year and it's been every bit worth it. The values is huge, not only on the football field but in fellowship but in camraderie and team building. Again just as far as kids getting to know our own teammates, because I think our kids are really getting to know each other on a different level."

The last of the three team building sessions begins Monday with the likes of Mosley and Rutherford taking part.