Area Weightlifters Place at State Championships

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Kissimee, FL- Several girl's weightlifters placed at the 2012 state championships.

Girls Weightlifting State Championship:

Alyssa Kiesling
Mosley Dolphins
129 Pound State Champion

Shaiann Hudson
Choctaw Indians
101 Pound 4th Place

Shaianne Rosenthal
Choctaw Indians
110 Pound 4th place

Marisa Polk
Mosley Dolphins
110 Pound 5th Place

Kayla Holder
Mosley Dolphins
154 Pound 4th Place

Leigh Ann Casely
Arnold Marlins
169 Pound 4th Place

Caitlyn Brandenburg
Choctaw Indians
169 Pound 5th Place

Taylor Campbell
Choctaw Indians
183 Pound 4th Place

Lenai Williams
Rutherford Rams
189 Pound 6th Place

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